HackMiami Con 2014!

Hello Everyone, It’s that time of year again HackMiami Con. Hope everyone who can make it comes out to enjoy the event. If you haven’t already heard head to www.hackmiami.com for more information or just hit me up on twitter. Also if you’re keen with google dorking you might get a discount code ;-). Any […]

More to come soon!!

Hey Internet Denizens, Sorry the updates are taking awhile, I just added a new Openvpn setup tutorial for u guys! I’m going to try an push out the tutorials for the rest of the tools section and the ssh server. One of these days I’ll get around to the Mac section. As always if you […]

Winter Hacker Festival this Week

Hello Everyone out there, Just wanted to mention that I will be at Winter hacker festival this weekend tearin’ it up with the homies at hackmiami. If you interested in going check out www.hackmiami.com and go to the registration page. Also if you wanna see what Hack Miami does check out www.hackmiami.org

Added RSS Feed

Greetings Everyone, Quick Update before I run off to work. I added a RSS feed with Security Related news to the site. Lemme know what you guys think, also I would appreciate anyone who sends me good security/IT related RSS feed lists. Anyways thanks for stopping by I try to update some more tutorials soon. […]

My favorite Tool: nmap

Greetings Everyone, Today I have created an example usage sheet for Nmap. Nmap is one of my favorite tools because it is so versatile and easy to use. Nmap or network mapper allows you to detect and fingerprint devices and services on local or remote networks. This is my go to tool when starting the […]

Welcome to my Blog

Greetings, This is a blog related to a couple of my interests: Linux, Info Sec, and anything I need to remember that I can come here to copy and paste from. I am not usually a blogger so bare with me. Check me out on twitter also hanging out with Team CTFU and HackMiami. @acexor